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"Glauconite" LLC carries out glauconite extraction and processing.

Glauconite is an autogenic monodomatic mineral of aluminum silicate group with high absorption and cation-exchange properties. It is applied in the following processes: water treatment, petrochemicals sorption, production of organic and mineral fertilizers, food additives.

Fields of application and solutions


Cattle breeding, poultry keeping, fish-breeding, land-reclamation, production of organic and mineral fertilizers.

Energy production

Purification and regeneration of oil power-machinery fuel oil; water treatment for boilers.

Water treatment

Potable and industrial water treatment. Water treatment under difficult conditions concerning the pure water sources is one of the prospective activities.


Sanitation and reclamation of soils; waste water treatment; gas recovery; odor control; oil spill recovery; sorption of heavy metals, radionuclides and toxic substances.


Demineralization and dehydration of oil; catalysts.

Food industry

Food liquors treatment


Medicine and cosmetology

The clay bond of the glauconite ore (green clay) is applied as an adjuvant therapy for various diseases.


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