Year of ecology in Russia


        The 2017 year is announced by the President of the Russia Federation as a year of Ecology in Russia, Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment of the Russian Federation official website informs.

        The Russian president has signed a decree making 2017 the Year of Ecology. The move is designed to attract public attention to environmental problems, maintain ecological diversity and protect the ecological security of the country.

        Vladimir Putin also ordered the founding of a special commission for the task and appointed the head of presidential administration Sergey Ivanov chairman of this committee. He charged the Russian government with the development and approval of the plan of Year of Ecology. Regional authorities are responsible for the realization of the project.

The Year of ecology is going to be organized according two main directions:

  • Development of protected areas system

  • Ecology in general

  "The year is expected to become a period of dictatorship of environmental legislation for industrial companies neglecting ecological safety. It is going to provide environment friendly enterprises with beneficial opportunities to move to more effective management mode" – highlighted the head of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment of the Russian Federation Sergey Donskoy.

               Moreover 2017 is also announced to be the year of specially protected natural areas. The Government has already worked out the plan of forthcoming events. For instance 168 events promoting nature conservation ideas, their popularization and strengthening of support of particularly protected natural territories federal system (PPNT) in the society are planned in the scope of the year.

In addition the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment intends to create five new protected natural areas on Solovetsky islands, New Siberian Islands, in Karelia and Ulyanovsk region. this year, it is planned to create 11 more nature reserves, 17 national parks, and one wildlife refuge.

At the moment the system of PPNT includes 103 state natural reservations, 49 national parks and 64 state nature sanctuaries.

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