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Summury 2015

On November 15th – 17th 2016 the VII International Ecological Forum “Climate Change and Industrial City Ecology” was held in World Trade Center Chelyabinsk. The event was organized by Government of the Chelyabinsk region jointly with the World Trade Center Chelyabinsk.

Officials and specially invited guests opened the exhibition:
-         Minister of Ecology of the Chelyabinsk region Irina Gladkova
-         First Deputy Chairman  of Chelyabinsk city Council Sergey Ovchinnikov
-         Consul general of the USA Marcus Micheli
-         Consul general of  Hungary Sergey Syuch
-         Vice-Consul Trade and Economic Affairs Lubosh Lashtuvka
The participants were given an opportunity to present their services, technologies and products to the Minister of Ecology of the Chelyabinsk region, First Deputy Chairman of Chelyabinsk city Council and foreign delegates. The Minister valued highly the activity of the participants.
Companies from St. Petersburg representing unique gas analytical equipment (OPTEC Joint Stock Company), a promising company from Moscow promoting technologies of utilization of mercury containing-waste in industrial regions of the country (Ecobox) took part in the exhibition. Japanese company Dhowa Technos Co. Ltd producing precise robotic eco-technologies, the mobile air quality monitoring laboratory of GorEcoCenter had their exhibition stands.

The events held in the scope of business program of the Forum:
1.     Panel discussion : Ecological transparency of industrial companies; Industrial city ecological      safety; Problem of  emission regulation; Implementation  of the best available technologies
2.     The V regional Youth  Forum “Youth for ecology and culture”
3.     Round table “Stable development of regions”
4.     Round table “Changes of  environment protection legislation”
5.     Conference “Role of PPNT( Particularly protected natural territories) in biodiversity; problems and solutions
6.     Conference “ Improvement of  water from drinking water reservoirs in conditions of negative impact of  industrial plants
7.     Round table “Industrial ecological safety
More than 950 visitors attended the exhibition including experts, management of industrial enterprises of the city and the region, ecologists, journalists and other representatives of the industry.
The Panel discussion gathered the audience of 70 experts. Particular attention was paid to the report of ecology politics specialist of the United States Embassy in Moscow “The basis of ecological regulations in the USA: ecological ambient air quality standards”.
The discussion of the best available technologies against industrial emissions attracted 30 specialists.
About 320 visitors attended Youth Forum “Youth for ecology and culture”.
The Round table “Stable development of regions” became a discussion platform for more than 60 experts, ecologists and representatives of social organizations.
Round table “Changes of environment protection legislation” gathered 20 experts, representatives of legislation as well as executive power.
At the conference dedicated to particularly protected natural territories 39 speakers presented their reports to the audience of 70 people.
Round table “Industrial ecological safety” became one of the most active discussion platforms of the Forum. Among the visitors and participants were about 70 experts from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ufa, Yekaterinburg and Chelyabinsk.
The Forum was widely covered by leading media houses, 3 TV companies and 4 print editions. Moreover representatives of social organizations provided their support.

Geography of exhibitors 
Moscow 30%
St. Petersburg 20% 
Chelyabinsk region 20%
Chelyabinsk 20% 
Ufa 10%

 Field of exhibitors’ activity 

Ambient air quality monitoring equipment 30%
Waste separation equipment  10%
Landscaping of industrial facilities10%
Industrial production 10%
Environmental activity 10%
Laboratories detecting the level of ecological safety of industrial goods10%
Youth organizations10%
Environmental transport systems10%
Satisfaction degree
The Forum met expectations 80%
Satisfied but didn’t meet the customer in the event10%
Found the attend not enough10%

 The purpose of participation in the Forum

Overcoming of an administrative barrier in regional market development 30% 
Establishment of commercial contacts and technology presentation 30%
Strengthening of market position 20%
Creation of a positive image of the enterprise  10%
Active social work 10%




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